OleTV empowers, entertains, and informs Spanish speaking people through its commitment to excellence by acquiring high quality programming that educates and inspires. OleTV employs the highest standards possible with a deep commitment to providing unparalleled coverage of art, cultural events, news, and entertainment. At OleTV, we speak not only in the language of Hispanics, but from the perspective of American Hispanics everywhere.
OleTV was founded in 1994 to provide the culturally diverse Hispanics Community with an alternative to standard Spanish Programming. Originally broadcast only in Miami, today it is seen on Atlantic Broadband Channel 201 (Miami Beach & South Miami).
OleTV is a family oriented network that can be compared to Discovery, A&E, Bravo, and Fox Family network.  It is the Hispanic Arts, Culture, and Entertainment network. OleTV programming is chosen with care and family values in mind.
OleTV targets second generation Hispanics with a vast number of cutting edge documentaries, music specials, art, classic movies, and Hollywood movies dubbed in Spanish for a demanding audience. We cater to Hispanics looking for a non-traditional television format. Our mission is to entertain while educating our viewers. OleTV supports Hispanic Traditions by providing families with culturally diverse programming that awakes curiosity among children and young adults to learn about their roots and ancestors.

OleTV Line-up
The Great Masters and Performers of Popular and Classical Music.
Top Notch Artistic and Musical Productions.
The Great Spanish Classical and Modern Theater.
Great Series of Spanish and Latin American Television.
Responsible, Selective Children's Cartoons and Programs
Documents of Interest to the Whole Family.
World Events.
Great Spanish Films.
The Latest in Science and Technology.
Family Entertainment.
The Best Spanish Comedy Shows.
Pleasant and Dynamic Educational Programs.


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PRISMA, Documentales
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Programación de Niños
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Fimoteca Clasica
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Gala de Musica Ballet
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Mini Series
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Gourmet & Top Chef
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Contact information:
E-Mail: contact@oletv.tv / www.oletv.tv